So Much More than "3 R's"
“I’ve been an educator for almost 20 years and have specialized in differentiation and curriculum design. I can tell you that things have changed in education since we were in elementary school. To prepare kids effectively for the world today, Park Day School delivers so much more than just 3R’s!”
                                                                                                     – Wendy Donner, Educational Consultant, Teacher Mentor, Bay Area Teacher Training Institute
Among the things that make Park Day School such a special place are unique and engaging "signature projects" that have evolved over time at each grade level or for the school as a whole. When children are working on these projects, often other classes are invited to preview rehearsal performances, or listen to student authors or artists speak about their work. These projects often involve groups made up of different classes and grades–and often include students, family members or outside subject matter experts.
As varied as they are, these projects are all designed to leverage the hands-on, collaborative approach so central to our curriculum–and deepen our students' love of learning. These projects, programs and events occur each year and children look forward to them as they move through the school.