Family / Parent Groups 
Park Day School's families have always formed the solid foundation on which our school thrives. There are four larger family / parent organizations, beyond our vibrant board of trustees. They are the Diversity and Justice Alliance, the Learning Support Alliance, the Park Parent Association and our Green School Alliance. The purpose and some of the activities that these groups enable are listed below.
Diversity and Justice Alliance
Since its founding in 1976, an essential component of Park's mission is our commitment to building, sustaining and supporting a diverse community of staff and families. The Diversity Committee was formed in the mid-1980’s as a nexus for the important on-going work of achieving our goal to establish an inclusive and diverse school culture and climate. 
Renamed the "Diversity and Justice Alliance" in 2012, the organization has a profound influence on the policies and practices of the Board, the staff, and the life of the school.

Past initiatives have included a penetrating and transformative year-long focus on race by the staff and parents at the school; annual work by the staff and parents to sustain a more gender-sensitive and inclusive culture at the school; work by the staff to understand the reality of white privilege; a staff workshop exploring socio-economic and class differences; affinity and focus groups for parents of color, parents of children of color, LGBT parents and parents of adopted children.

Recently, in a collaboration among the Park Parent Association and Project MOSAIC, and the Diversity and Justice Alliance, the school presented a workshop for parents entitled "Conflict, Differences, Ally-Building: Creating an Inclusive Community at Park Day School."
The group leads Park Day School's annual Pride Day celebration, a full day, campus-wide celebration of LBGTQ awareness and achievement.

The Diversity and Justice Alliance is taking a lead role in developing and presenting parent education programming in support of Park Day School's Social Justice Initiative (SJI), including monthly salons on the topic of race and ethnicity, a book club and the development of larger parent education events.

For further information, contact DJA Chair, Laura Goldberger.  
The Learning Support Alliance
The Learning Support Alliance is a parent-led group with the primary mission of supporting families with children who have learning differences. This includes children who require support in order to succeed, those who require challenge beyond the classroom curriculum, and those whose learning profiles don’t fit neatly into the regular school day.   
The Learning Support Alliance (LSA) works in close collaboration with the school administration, teachers and learning specialists on staff to develop best practices and responsive academic structure for children and families. The advocacy of the LSA informs school programs and builds awareness and understanding for the entire Park Day community of the challenges facing children with Learning Differences.

Examples of the LSA work include:
• Evening meetings each quarter to facilitate parents sharing their experiences, journeys and insights
• Periodic speakers, seminars, and other professional opportunities to inform the school community (parents and staff)
  of best practices and new research in the field of learning differences
• Online forum for parents to share articles, research and resources
• Supporting tutoring/educational support on-site to make services more accessible to families

For more information about how to get involved with the LSA, ask your classroom teacher or contact this year’s parent co-chairs Erin Kendrew or Edina Tanovic.

Learning diversity is part of every child’s educational journey and important to all of us in the Park Day community. We would love to have your voice!  
Park Parent Association
The mission of the Park Parent Association (PPA) is to cultivate a strong and productive parent community that is diverse, equitable and fun. 
The PPA facilitates communication between parents, committees, and the school, coordinates opportunities for parent participation, supports the school's mission, philosophy and key initiatives, and offers enriching social, intellectual and educational programming.

Specifically, through monthly meetings, special events and talks, institutional documentation and elected governance, the PPA provides a centralized parent resource for:  
      Meeting other Park Day parents
      Learning how to navigate, volunteer and participate in the Park Day structure and culture
      Coordinating the independent work of various committees
      Facilitating connections between committees, school staff and the Park Day Board
      Connecting to key Park Day events, volunteer opportunities and development initiatives
      Providing an inclusive school-wide social, intellectual and educational home for parents
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Getting Involved: Committees and Parent Groups
One goal of the PPA is to connect parents to the many activities that make Park Day School a vibrant school community. Here you can find staff and parent contact information for school committees, parents groups and special events planning.
Park Day School Special Event Committees
East Bay Mini Maker Faire (October)
Featuring both established and emerging local "makers," the East Bay Mini Maker Faire is a family-friendly celebration. It features rockets and robots, DIY science and technology, urban farming and sustainability, alternative energy, bicycles, unique hand-made crafts, music and local food, and educational workshops and installations. Get involved! Be a Maker, be a sponsor or volunteer to help. 
Learn more at or contact
Park Day Farm Box
The Park Day Farm Box is a subscription program providing fresh, local, organic produce to Park Day families and friends. Run through the Park Parent Association, this program's earnings provide instruction and materials for the Learning Garden program at school. When picking up your box, make sure you see what the funds from your box have provided in the sunken garden, alongside the Magnolia Building (our chickens!), and throughout the campus. Ordering for your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers will help this program grow and thrive.

Volunteer to Work on the Farm Box
The Farm Box needs volunteers every week to help assemble and pack the boxes. It's immensely satisfying work, and a great way to fulfill parent volunteer hours. We're out by the yurt Wednesdays from 9 to noon, rain or shine. Please come join us anytime!

Subscribe to the Farm Box
Haven't subscribed to the Farm Box? Click here for a Farm Box order form from the Parent's Section of this site or email for more information.

Farm Box Payments
Are you already a subscriber and want to pay for your Farm Box subscription online? Select the amount you would like to pay and follow Paypal's simple instructions. Payment alone does not enroll you in the Farm Box program. You must also complete and return the Farm Box order form. 
Farm Box Subscription
Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by emailing One week notice is required. A reply will confirm your cancellation request.  
Green School Alliance
Park Day School is committed to school-wide sustainability and environmental stewardship, and has an active Green School committee to support these goals.
Comprising parents, staff and student "Green Team", the committee acts as a catalyst for projects that can enhance and support the sustainable operations of the school, support teachers in including green topics in their curriculum, provide opportunities for students to get active on campus and out in the community, and encourage positive behavior change in our staff, students and families.

Within the broad categories of water, energy, waste, pollution and transport, we involve ourselves in projects such as:
  • infrastructure improvements
  • demonstration sites (greywater system, rainwater garden, etc.)
  • creating / supporting the Learning Garden Program
  • programs to divert waste from landfill
  • protecting and improving the school’s beautiful campus
We welcome input and involvement from everyone in the Park Day School community, whether you are an ideas person or someone who likes to get their hands dirty.

For more information please contact Helen Whitkin or Ted Booth