• Academic Rigor
    “At Park Day School, we know that children need the right combination of rigor and support to be academically,
    socially and emotionally prepared for high school, college and beyond.”
                                                                                                             - Karen Colaric, Lower School Director          
    We offer students an academic experience that is genuinely challenging, rich, deep and relevant. This lays the foundation for future learning, shapes early character development, and prepares students for entry into excellent high schools. Like other exceptional schools, we ask a lot of our students. What makes Park Day School different is how we combine this academic and experiential depth with a genuinely warm, nurturing and supportive environment. This approach prepares our students to flourish as students and as people.
    The building blocks of academic rigor at Park Day are intellectual power, critical thought and personal resilience, fostered by exceptional teachers and progressive practices that cherish and challenge each child. In addition to content knowledge, our cohesive curriculum and responsive, inquiry-based teaching methods develop context-based research, analysis, decision-making skills and a range of content-development and presentation competencies. But what most sets us apart is how our expertise in social emotional development makes each student’s learning more robust.
    Intellectual power is the ability to utilize and integrate all available tools and information to comprehend the world and solve problems. Intellectual power is strengthened by social and emotional well-­being. We foster children’s independence and confidence and help each to recognize and develop their individual strengths so that they have the self-­esteem to overcome obstacles and thrive academically.
    Critical thinking is purposeful reasoning that helps inform individuals’ beliefs and actions. Critical thinking is bolstered by compassion. We help children understand themselves and others in their communities, and equip them to frame challenges from a range of perspectives–enabling them to become exceptional independent thinkers and problem solvers.
    Personal resilience is the process of growth through identifying challenges and persevering in the face of adversity. Personal resilience is fortified by cherishing and challenging each child. We offer points of entry into the curriculum differentiated for a range of learners, expect the most from each student academically, and help all of our students build a strong foundation for long-­term academic success and personal growth.