•  Park Day School's Mission
    At Park Day School, dedicated teachers and engaged students collaborate to create a dynamic and joyful learning community for mastering academic and interpersonal skills. Students construct meaning and deep understanding through inquiry and discovery-based teaching. Our practices promote critical and creative thinking, artistic expression, and a commitment to diversity and social justice. In the spirit of partnership and service, students expand their perspectives through participation in the broader community. Continuing the legacy of the progressive education movement, Park Day School prepares students to be informed, courageous, and compassionate people who shape a more equitable and sustainable world.

    Park Day School believes everyone’s efforts are needed to realize our stated mission to “prepare students to be informed, courageous and compassionate people who shape a more equitable and sustainable world.

    To this end, in partnership among teachers, students, parents, board and staff, Park Day School has embraced a comprehensive approach to realizing our commitment to inclusion and structural equity with the creation of a Social Justice Initiative (SJI).

    The SJI is a vehicle for everyone to further these commitments as it develops resources, programs and collaborative opportunities that promote the goals of our school’s mission. The SJI manifests our belief that promoting social justice, equity and inclusion–through our practices and policies, and throughout the school climate–is everyone’s responsibility. The SJI breathes life into the school’s broader mission and provides the guidelines toward a better, more just, future.