• Mighty Apple Athletics 
    The Park Day Mighty Apples compete in the Middle School Sports League against other middle school programs around the East Bay. We compete in soccer, cross-country, flag football, basketball, track and field, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. Players gain an understanding of sportsmanship, teamwork and healthy competition. Playing on a team also helps students learn the importance of commitment and collaboration. 
  • Mighty Apples Athletics FAQ's 
    Q: Who can participate in the Park Day School’s Middle School Athletic Program?

    A: Any Park Day student in 6th, 7th or 8th grade.

    Q: What sports does the PDS Athletic Program offer?
    A: PDS offers at least one sport per season, with three seasons per school year: FALL, WINTER and SPRING. The decision of which sport or how many sports to field for each season is determined by the interest of the students. The sports are as follows:
    FALL (Sept.- Nov.): Flag-Football (Tues/Thurs practice), Cross Country (Mon/Thurs practice), Soccer (Mon/Weds practice)
    WINTER (Dec. – Feb.): Basketball (number of teams is dependent on number of players signed up)
    SPRING (March – May): Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Track and Field

    Q: In which interscholastic league does PDS compete?
    A: PDS belongs to the Middle School Sports League (MSSL). Members of the MSSL are independent and public middle schools around the East Bay. We also try to add games with a few other like-minded sports programs such as public schools and after school programs in the Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley area.

    Q: If my child has never played a particular sport before, can they still participate on a team?
    A: Of Course! The PDS athletic program seeks to develop the skills of all athletes regardless of the level at which they begin. We encourage broad participation and value sportsmanship, teamwork and effort. Middle School students are encouraged to try any sport!

    Q: What are the costs for participation on a Middle School sports team?
    A: The cost for each athletic season is $235. Financial assistance is available and is based on the individual family’s FA at Park Day School.

    Q: What do I need to do for my child to be able to participate on a team?
    A: Each player (or their parent) must Sign-Up with Augie before each season to be able to begin playing on a team. There is also a MSSL Guidelines form that must be signed by parents, the player and the coach before playing the first game in a season (this will be handed out at the first practice).

  • Q: What does a season schedule look like? How often are practices and games?
    A: Each season runs about 10 weeks, with practices and games on Mon., Tues., Weds. or Thurs.. Teams have two commitment days per week. Practices are held after school until between 3:30 and 5:30 and games begin at 4:00 or 4:30 and end by 5:30 or 6:00 PM.

    Q: How do players get to other schools for games?
    A: Parent volunteers drive to and from games Players each game. At the beginning of each season parents will sign up for the days that they can help transport players to away games. The number of players on a team will determine how many parent volunteers are needed for each game. We try to carpool as much as possible. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure they arrange transportation home for their child.

    Q: What equipment is required to participate?
    A: This depends upon the sport in which your child is participating. PDS provides uniforms for each player. Other equipment requirements for each sport are:
    Flag Football: Athletic shoes or soccer/football cleats, black shorts/athletic pants.
    Cross Country: Good running shoes 
    Soccer: Athletic shoes or soccer cleats, shin guards, black shorts
    Basketball: Athletic shoes or basketball shoes
    Ultimate Frisbee: Athletic shoes or soccer cleats, black shorts/athletic pants.
    Volleyball: Athletic shoes, kneepads, black shorts
    Track and Field: Good running shoes

    Q: How do I find out about when games are and where?
    A: A schedule is handed out to players on the first practice of each season. It is also emailed to parents and on the Mighty Apples Bulletin Board (Magnolia Building). You can also see games and times for a coming week by going to the PDS website at www.parkdayschool.org. 

    Q: How do I find out about schedule changes?
    A: An email group will be created for each season. Please be sure to check emails from coaches and Josie as most information is communicated by email. Also, at the beginning of every week, usually Monday morning, please expect to see a “THIS WEEK…” email. This will highlight the practice and game information for the coming week as well as carpool info and location to games.

    Q: What if I have additional questions not answered in this Q and A?
    A: Please call or email Ashley Foster – Athletic Director 
    Phone: 653-0317 ext. 225. Email: ashley.foster@parkdayschool.org