• Head of School Search
    Park Day School has undertaken a nation-wide search for our next long term Head of School to join our community in July 2020. Our search committee is made up of a cross functional group of faculty, staff and board trustees. The Board engaged Bob Fricker, a consultant from Carney, Sandoe and Associates who–knows Park Day School well–to assist us in the search. 
  • Search Committee Goal
    Recommend to the Board the best candidate to lead Park Day as Head of School, by leading a transparent, trust-valued process that represents Park Day's distinct culture of community and collaboration.


    Search Committee Process Timeline
    Form Search Committee Phase (Complete)                      Nov - Dec 2018
      Search Committee Forms                                                      December 2018

    Prepare For Recruiting Phase (Complete)                         Feb - Apr 2019
      Community Survey                                                                 February 2019
      Community Engagement & Campus Visit by Search Firm     February 2019
      Complete Position Description                                               April 2019

    Select Candidates Phase (Underway)                                May - Oct 2019
      Candidate identification and recruiting                                   May-June 2019
      Screening and development of semi-finalist slate                  July 2019
      Semi-finalist on-campus interviews                                        August 2019

    Finalist selection Phase                                                      August 2019
      2 day on-campus interviews and feedback gathering            September 2019

    Search Committee recommendation and Board vote      October 2019
      Announcements                                                                     November 2019

    Transition Planning Phase                                                 Jan - Jun 2020
      Contract finalization                                                              January 2020
      Formation of transit ion team                                                January 2020
      New Head campus visit                                                        March 2020

    New Head starts                                                                 July 1, 2020


    Search Committee Members
    Manisha Patel: PDS Parent/Guardian, Board Trustee, Co-Chair of the Search Committee
    Noam Ragins: PDS Parent/Guardian, Board Trustee, Co-Chair of the Search Committee
    Alexis Harrington: PDS Parent/Guardian, Board Trustee
    Becky Bob-Waksberg: PDS Grade 6 Math and Science Teacher
    Germaine Hunter: PDS Parent/Guardian, Board Chair
    Hasain Rasheed: PDS Parent/Guardian, Board Trustee
    Ilya Pratt: PDS Design+Make+Engage Program Director
    Margaret Piskitel: PDS Parent Guardian, PDS Assistant Head of School
    Susan Lee: PDS Parent Guardian, PDS 2nd Grade Teacher


    Link to Position Description