• Hot Lunch
    Beyond being a delicious and nutritious option to the bagged lunch, a hot lunch program at Park Day furthers our green school commitment, increasing our focus on sustainability and giving us an opportunity to close the loop in the “seed to table” cycle.
  • Park Day's Hot Lunch Program:
    Reduces waste – By using washable dishes and cutlery from the kitchen, there is minimal waste.Food scraps become compost for our Park Day chickens and worms.
    Saves time – No time spent shopping for and/or making lunches.
    Does away with lunch boxes – No more money wasted on reusable lunch containers that eventually get moldy or are left in the lost and found.
    Helps keep it local – We’re able to order fresh, local organic produce (when possible) through the family of farms we’ve connected with for the Park Day Farm Box.
    Builds community – Sharing food is one of the ways we connect. Sitting down to a hot lunch together provides additional opportunities for connections between students, particularly in the upper grades.
    Hot lunch is served every school day from September to June between 11:30am and 1:00pm.
    Sign up for Hot Lunch via School Forms Online. The cost* of the 2019-2020 Hot Lunch Program is:   
    • Kindergarten and 1st grades: $1,050/school year
    • Grades 2, 3 and 4: $1,320/school year
    • Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8: $1,395/ School year
    No lunch, credit or special arrangement is provided for students off campus during the lunch hour.  This includes students who are out sick, at an appointment, or off campus to attend a field trip, play rehearsal or any other off-campus event.   
  • Financial Assistance for Hot Lunch
    There is limited Financial Assistance available for the 2017-2018 Hot Lunch Program. Since all households incur an expense preparing lunches from home, Financial Assistance is only intended to cover the portion of the Lunch Program in excess of the ordinary expense of preparing a homemade lunch.  Please email cathy.shields@parkdayschool.org to apply for Financial Assistance-- number of grants are limited and you should apply early. Notification of assistance allocations will be made at the end of August. Parents will need to confirm their child(ren)’s enrollment in the Hot Lunch Program before the first day of school in September. Please note: Applications for FA for hot lunch are due no later than August 21.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    How do I know my child will like the lunch?
    In past years, we have enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive response to the Hot Lunch Program, a record we strive to continue. The lunch menus are selected with kids and nutrition in mind. Each day, there will be a hot item, a vegetarian option (if there is a meat dish), soup, a salad bar and a sandwich option. Many dishes are prepared with individual tastes and/or needs in mind, like offering sauces on the side. Your child should have no problem finding something fresh and yummy to eat each day! New kindergarten students can be signed up for Hot Lunch and if child isn't eating after one week, new families can receive a refund.

    My child is a vegetarian. What will s/he eat?
    When a meat dish is offered, there is a vegetarian option for the hot plate, as well as a fully stocked salad bar, soup (often vegetarian) and sandwich option.
    How do I know the food will be both tasty and nutritious?
    Nel Dias da Silva, of Panetto Kitchen is an experienced chef with years of experience in preparing food for many of the Bay Areas finest restaurants. He has worked in the past 10 years as a bakery director for the Market Hall in Rockridge and is excited to join the Park Day lunch program and introduce new selections to our menu, with special attention to whole grains. He and his staff use fresh ingredients, tried and true recipes, and continually respond to the feedback our students and staff provide. Menus are selected with the nutritional needs of kids in mind.

    What do I do about lunch when my child is scheduled to be on a field trip?
    Hot lunch is served every school day between 11:30 and 12:30pm (LS) and 1pm (MS). No lunch, credit or special arrangement is provided for students off campus during the lunch hour. This includes students who are out sick, at an appointment,or off campus to attend a field trip, play rehearsal or any other event. If a field trip or other event is organized where kids will be away from campus during lunch, parents need to send a bag lunch.
    If my child misses lunch, will I be refunded for the day?
    There are no refunds for missed lunches for illness, appointments, field trips, scheduled rehearsals, or any other reason. The cooks are planning forand will be on campus preparing the food whether or not your student eats that day.

    How will you track who is signed up for hot lunch and who isn’t?
    Teachers and the lunch staff receive a list of lunch participants at the beginning of the year, and updates as needed. Kids who are not signed up for the lunch program and fail to bring a lunch from home may receive a hot lunch the first time the mistake occurs. If this happens a second or third time, parents will be billed $8 for the lunch provided. To avoid abuse of the Hot Lunch Program, subsequent lunches will be billed at $12 per lunch.
    Is there a discounted rate for siblings?
    The pricing of the lunch program is minimally designed to cover the cost of running the program. There is no discount offered for enrolling siblings.
    Are there options if my child just wants hot lunch every now and then?
    The Hot Lunch Program is a full-time lunch program. Lunch will be prepared and served to participants every day school is in session from September through June. This will benefit all participants by reducing or eliminating lunch lines, and increases the sustainability of the program by increasing efficiency and reducing waste.
    Where will lunch be served and eaten?
    Lunch served in the Magnolia Building. Kids eat outdoors in nice weather, and return to their classrooms on rainy days.
    How will I know my child actually eats lunch?
    Staff on lunch duty monitor the younger grades(kindergarten and 1st grades). These kids are expected to stay seated for 15 minutes, and have their lunch checked to ensure they have eaten an adequate amount of food before being excused from lunch.
    My child’s friend won’t be getting hot lunch. Will they be able to eat together?
    Yes, all kids will eat lunch together and at the same time, regardless of whether they get hot lunch or bring a lunch from home.