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    Professional Development Funds Access through OUSD

    General Information Updated June 2015


    These funds are currently called Title IIA. Title IID for technology no longer exists. Under a former president, they were called “No Child Left Behind.” Generally, each new administration comes up with a plan and title for these funds, and the amount of the funds and the way we can use them as an independent school changes very little. We are given funds on a per-pupil basis. The funds come from the feds and are managed by OUSD and are used primarily for professional development. The funds cannot be used for student materials (manipulatives, student workbooks, student literature, etc.) but can be used for teaching materials (professional books, teacher’s guides). Because these are federal funds, their use is governed by that body and all that is done and decided via OUSD is based on federal compliance.

    See below for OUSD staff and their contact information. After some period of changed management at OUSD and restrictions, things have settled and we are moving forward with a productive partnership with OUSD. Additionally, they have hired more staff and will now register you and pay for conferences upfront when possible (rather than reimbursing) and even make and pay flight and hotel arrangements when necessary, with input from you, though a travel agency they contract with. In fact, they strongly prefer this method at this time. And, it costs us an additional $50.00 per item they are handling (for example, if you did registration, hotel and airfare through them there is a total fee of $150.00). Read on!


    Employees at PDS who can use these funds include classroom teachers in academic programs (which now includes world language, music, theater and art) and staff participating in faculty program leadership. PDS employees who do not have access to these funds have Park Day’s professional development funds available to them. Whenever possible, we use our Title II funds prior to using our Park Day funds.


    The sole purpose of the bulk of our funds (Title IIA) is to“create more highly qualified teachers in order to raise student achievement.”It is important to remember this purpose when writing requests for professional development.


    These funds represent the bulk of our professional development funds at PDS at this time. We try to use these funds up first before using our PDS professional development funds. The fiscal year runs July through June. We get preliminary funding in July or August, and sometimes additional“carryover” funding somewhere between late November and late February. In general, our annual funding has been around 25k (though it is not all disbursed to us at the start of the school year). Carryover (any unused) funds are not kept in an account for us, but represent any money not spent in the previous fiscal year by all the participating schools that is reallocated in the current school year. The carryover amount varies a great deal.

    There is a cut off date for any funding requests for the fiscal year ending June 30 in early April. See enumerated notes below for info on how to submit requests for use of these funds. Here are a few key things to know and remember:

    •Reimbursements can never be given to an institution, only to THE INDIVIDUAL who attended the class or conference--this means you cannot use a PDS credit card to access these funds.
    •In order to access these funds you must have a "vendor number." All new employees need to fill out a form to get a vendor number from Victoria.
    •And, if you move, you must fill out a change of address form as all reimbursement checks will be sent to your home address only. Victoria has the change of address form.

    Karen and Lizette manage these professional development funds and Victoria is managing the paperwork. We regularly provide Jon with spending requests and spreadsheet updates. We strive to meet all funding requests. An in-depth overall school plan is written by Karen and Lizette each June and submitted to OUSD before any funds can be allocated. The plan can be altered once it is submitted. There is additional paperwork required in order to access the funds for professional development by the person requesting the funds and steps are provided below. Victoria will keep ALL paperwork related to funding requests. It is very important that we adhere to the steps and timelines below.

    Contacts at OUSD:

    *Maria Beltran, Coordinator, Special Programs
     *Joaquin Garcia, Assistant to Coordinator
    State and Federal Compliance
    Oakland Unified School District
    1000 Broadway Ste. #450
    Oakland, CA 94607
    Phone: 510-879-1053

    Steps to Access Title IIA Funds

    To attend a conference, workshop, etc. you must contact Karen or Lizette and let them know of your request and then complete and provide the following 30 days prior to the event and give all paperwork to Victoria. There is no longer any latitude given with this date.

    • You must have a vendor number. New employees see Victoria to obtain this number. Also, if you change your address there is a form to complete as reimbursements are mailed directly to your home address. It is your responsibility to obtain these forms and turn them in.
    • Complete the Request to Attend a Conference Part B. Please fill this out thoughtfully with the goals of the Title II funds in mind. Please type and submit to your sectional director AND Victoria electronically or, preferably, by scanning. Re-title the form and include your name.  
    • Complete the preliminary cost estimate form Part A. This document must have your original signature in the space provided. It is used only for expenses actually incurred by you. Complete this electronically if possible and re-title the form with your name, sign, scan and give to your sectional director and Victoria. The form must be SIGNED BY YOU and by YOUR SECTIONAL DIRECTOR or it is useless.

    Note: we generally cover the entire cost of the workshop, major travel such as airfare and accommodations. We will reimburse up to $25.00 per diem for food when it is not provided.

    • Provide a flyer or website page (to prove that this event exists).
    • Complete any registration forms required by the event organizers.
    • It is best if all paperwork is scanned together on our copier once signed and completed and sent to Victoria and Karen or Lizette electronically.

    Or, let the staff at OUSD know you would like them to complete the registration for you. There is a space to indicate this on the form.

    To get reimbursed after the event you must submit the following within 10 days after the event. Again, there is no latitude with this time frame. You must fill this out whether OUSD staff registered you, or you registered yourself.

    • Complete the Report of Conference / Workshop attendance Part D. Please do so electronically and re-title it with your name.
    • Complete the Statement of Travel and Expense form Part C. Just complete this for expenses you personally incurred. If PDS or OUSD registered you for the event that is prepaid and not included on your form. Re-title it with your name. This form must have your original signature.
    • All ORIGINAL receipts (copies okay). An invoice or itinerary is different from a receipt. A receipt shows what you paid and actually did, not what you planned to pay or do. You must submit your cancelled check or copy of a credit card bill or a registration invoice or travel fare that states "paid by credit card" with your name and the last four digits of your account number. You can access these online today so you don’t need to wait for your bill to arrive. You can black out other info on your bill or receipt if you wish, and all but the last four digits of your credit card number if you wish.
    • Any certificate of completion that was provided to prove you not only paid, but actually attended the event. Ask for this form if it is not provided.
    • It is best if all paperwork is scanned together on our copier once signed and completed and sent to Victoria and Karen or Lizette electronically.
    • See conference / class reimbursement check off list.

    Printed material orders:

    Teacher’s guides and professional books are ordered by OUSD on our behalf. Submit requests and order forms to Karen or Lizette and we will let you know if your request meets the criteria and if funding is available. Generally, this is not as easy as it should be, and we tend to use our funds for professional development. If we are able to access the funds for your order, you will need to fill out an order form completely and give it to Victoria and Karen or Lizette. When your materials arrive, you must give Victoria the packing slip. The vendor cannot be paid until a copy of the packing slip is scanned and sent to the OUSD office.