• Live Fully
    "When my son entered the Drew school he was well-prepared to dive into a rigorous college bound academic workload and was, from the outset, an engaged leader in his high school community—running for student council, joining the cross-country team and acting in the school play. I strongly believe that Park Day School prepared my son to thrive in high school by nurturing his love for learning and instilling an expectation that he actively participate in his community. It worked."
    –Michael Schrag, PDS Parent
    As we prepare students for high school, we help children develop strong skills in scholarship, emotional growth, and social health. Park Day students are supported in all aspects as they; take calculated risks, learn from mistakes, and take pleasure in their successes. Here are just a few examples of the special events and programs that represent how Park Day School is a place where students learn to live fully.
    Oakland Learning Community
    Park Day School is a founding member of the Oakland Learning Community, a consortium of educators sharing insights, ideas and practices around hands-on, discovery-based learning as part of our relationship with Harvard’s Project Zero. The other founding members of the OLC are the three neighboring public schools nearest to Park Day: Emerson Elementary, Oakland International High School and Oakland Technical High School.
  • Learning Garden Program
    Park Day School believes that our campus, our neighborhood and our world offer excellent opportunities for applying classroom lessons for deeper learning. Our Learning Garden program extends our learning environment across our verdant, 4-acre campus. We feel a strong obligation to steward the campus with the most sustainable practices, and engage the children in this stewardship. Tightly integrated into the lessons in each grade, the Learning Garden Program weaves science, technology, engineering, the arts, math and environmental justice into the projects that the children work on throughout the year.
    Middle School Interscholastic Athletics
    Park Day competes in the Middle School Sports League against other middle school programs around the East Bay. Students compete in soccer, cross-country, flag football, basketball, track and field, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. Players gain an understanding of sportsmanship, teamwork and healthy competition. Playing on a team also helps students learn the importance of commitment and collaboration. The ultimate frisbee team won its division in the California State Championship in May of 2013.
    CARE Week
    For over 10 years Park Day School has selected a week in the fall for a school-wide focus on a particular social justice issue. Topics investigated over the years include race and ethnicity, gender and LGBTQ, physical and learning differences and food and nutrition justice. Opportunities for greater understanding of these important areas are presented to students, faculty, staff and families through assemblies, field trips, classroom lessons, speakers, and parent/family education opportunities.
    Hot Lunch Program
    Delicious and nutritious lunches brought to Park Day School by Groaning Board
    Park Day School is pleased to offer a 5-day a week hot lunch program for the 2013-2014 school year. Check out a Sample Menu or the FAQ Sheet. Still have questions? Email lunch.program@parkdayschool.org for more information. 
    Kids ask, "Why are they called Groaning Board?" According to wiseGEEK.com, a groaning board is a popular and whimsical term for a buffet, with a casual air and the promise of an ample amount of choices. Or, if you prefer, visualize a grand feast in the castles of old, with a table so overladen with food that its wooden timbers groan beneath the weight.
    To enroll in the Hot Lunch Program, complete the enrollment form and return it to the front office.