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    Park Day School

    360 42nd Street

    Oakland, CA 94609

    Main Office Phone: (510) 653-0317
    Fax: (510) 653-0637

    ASAP AfterSchool program (after 3:00)

    (510) 653-0317 x109

    Email Contacts
    You can find staff email addresses in the "Faculty & Staff" section. Email addresses follow are follow the first.last@parkdayschool format. If you need to contact someone on staff please contact Victoria Jones (653-0317 #100).

    Park Day School is located at 360 42nd Street in Oakland. We have three gates used for entering our four acre property. Directions below lead to our entrance on 42nd Street in between Broadway and Shafter.

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    Via BART:
    Park's campus is a 10-15 minute walk from the MacArthur and Rockridge BART stations. For schedule information click here. For connecting bus information click here or email cassandra.mccraw@parkdayschool.org

    Via AC Transit:
    Park Day School is just two blocks from the 44th Street stop on the Broadway (51) line. For information click here or email cassandra.mccraw@parkdayschool.org.

    From I-580 eastbound:
    Take the Broadway-Auto Row/ Webster Street exit (right after the Hwy. 24/I-980 exits) and follow the signs to Webster Street. At the end of the ramp, turn right onto Webster Street and go under the freeway. Go about 0.7 miles up Webster Street. Turn right onto 42nd Street; across Shafter Avenue on 42nd is Park's campus.

    From I-580 westbound:
    Take the Harrison Street/MacArthur Boulevard exit. Continue straight on W. MacArthur Blvd. to BrProxy-Connection:keep-aliveCache-Control:max-age=0dway. Turn right onto Broadway. From Broadway, turn left (west) onto 42nd Street, Park's campus will be to your right.

    From I-980/Hwy. 24 eastbound:
    Just past the I-580 interchange, take the Martin Luther King, Jr. Way/ 51st Street exit. Stay to the right and follow the signs for 51st Street. At the end of a very long ramp, turn right (the only way you can go) and follow 51st Street about a quarter of a mile to Shafter Street. Turn right onto Shafter and go about another quarter of a mile until you reach 42nd Street, where you will turn left. The campus will be to your left.

    From Hwy. 24 westbound:
    Take the Broadway exit. Travel south on Broadway to 42nd Street, turn right (west) onto 42nd and Park's campus will be on your right.
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