• Volunteering at Park Day School
    There are endless opportunities to volunteer at school. From taking dictation from kindergarteners, volunteering for weekend or evening admissions events, serving on the board of trustees, driving on field trips, leading our Diversity and Justice Alliance, teaching a week-long "mini-course" to 7th-graders, being a stage manager at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire– Families of Park Day School students have a wealth of options and ways to get involved.

    What are the benefits of volunteering? 

    Your time is important to enrich the unique learning environment we have here at Park Day – help in the classrooms lends a hand in a very direct way, and assistance at fundraising events provides the money needed to fulfill Park’s education mission. The piece this doesn’t measure however, is the community we build when we roll up our sleeves and work together. That is the deepest benefit of volunteering. We know it when we feel it, and our kids feel it too – our support, our participation and our commitment to the community we build here.

    How much time is required? 
    • Households with one child and two parents are expected to complete 25 hours per school year, 10 of those hours in a fundraising activity such as the Maker Faire, silent auction, read-a-thon, year end raffle or other Park Day fundraising campaign. In addition, 4 volunteer hours are required as a part of our Social Justice Initiative (SJI), and can be satisfied by attending or participating in PDS diversity events and programming. Each family is strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to participate in diversity programming at Park Day while fulfilling their volunteer hours requirement. 
    • Households with one parent are expected to complete half of the volunteer hours noted above (12.5 hours total, 5 in fundraising, 2 diversity hours). 
    • Households with two or more children double the volunteer hours noted above (50 hours total 20 in fundraising, and still 4 diversity hours).

    Log your volunteer hours

    Volunteer hours can be submitted by signing into ParentSquare. Hover over "Participate" and you'll see the link to log volunteer hours.

    Who tracks our hours? 
    You are in charge of completing and logging your hours (or paying the difference). Log your volunteer hours monthly, and submit all no later than the last day of school in June. If you have completed your hours before June, by all means please log your hours early on ParentSquare. 

    What if I don’t have time? Can I purchase my hours?
    If volunteering does not work for your family this year, please write a check ($25 times the total number of hours required) payable to Park Day School, and deliver it with your blank hours log (include only your and your child(ren)’s names) to the main office in the Palm Building, or mail it to Park Day School, Attn: Volunteer Hours, 360 42nd Street, Oakland CA 94609. You can complete this at any point in the year, but no later than the last day of school in June.

    How do I find out about volunteer opportunities? 
    Opportunities are posted regularly on ParentSquare.com.