Welcome from Interim Head of School

Welcome to Park Day School!

The most basic and powerful way to connect with another person is to listen. At Park Day School, the relationships among all members of the community foster the social, emotional, and academic development of our students. Alongside academic skill-building with an emphasis on critical thinking and creativity, at our school, listening is  considered essential for collaboration and growth. As a premier progressive school, our teachers listen deeply to the students to inform curriculum design and to promote personal engagement of each child in their learning.

This culture of listening provides the safe, respectful spaces for students to build confidence in their expression and take the risks that are necessary for academic growth. Our teachers cultivate the students’ natural curiosity and inspire new explorations through dialogue. We know that working towards a more equitable, just community begins with compassionate and attentive listening. As a school that was founded with a deep commitment to social justice, being able to hear and balance multiple perspectives is key. Empowered with knowledge and communication skills, our students believe in themselves as agents for positive change.

Listening also paves the way for students to truly know themselves as learners, and develop a growth mindset. In keeping with progressive pedagogy, our students’ integrity, as opposed to grades or standardized tests, serves as their primary motivation.  In these Kindergarten through 8th grade years, the students, with the guidance and appropriate feedback of their teachers, shape their self-concept as scholars and contributors.  They graduate ready to be kind, courageous citizens inclined to participate and lead in our democracy. 

Thank you for visiting our website.  I hope that this is one of many touch-points you have with our school. I encourage you to visit our campus to enjoy our verdant landscaping that inspires reflection, contemplation, and connection to nature.  Observe the students, who are playful and purposeful. Learn how our expert teachers design a learning environment that allows for each and every student to experience growth and successes everyday. We are proud of our school and community and we are eager to share it with you.  We hope to hear your story and discover how we can connect and grow with one another.


Erik Carlson
Interim Head of School