• Academics
    At Park Day School, we believe a successful learner is one who is confident, caring, creative and prepared with
    the fundamental knowledge and skills to succeed in high school, college and beyond. We believe success is
    measured by students' abilities to define their own places in the world, guided by intellectual adeptness and empathetic social perspectives.
    Park Day School's curriculum and academic approach adhere to a progressive educational philosophy. Over a century of professional practice and research shape the view that each child learns not by passively consuming knowledge, but by actively constructing his or her own understanding of material based on prior knowledge, skills and experience. In our hands-on, project-based approach, children play an active role in their own learning, digging into projects crafted to engage and inspire students to go deep. Teachers focus on the characteristics of each learner and the best ways for each student to get the most from each lesson and from the curriculum as a whole.

    Park Day School teachers, program directors and learning specialists collaborate to develop a cohesive curriculum that builds excitement for learning, as well as foundational content knowledge and skills, across the grades.

    Children leave Park Day School well on their way to being caring, constructive, open-minded members of the adult world, prepared for the rigors of the most challenging high schools. We complement their academic preparedness with competencies to engage in a diverse society; to be able to recognize the biases that exist, and to develop, articulate and act according to their own values.