Our Progressive Model
Since 1976, Park Day School has been educating children in Oakland, California. Throughout this time, our unwavering focus has been to develop an exceptional place for learning – a place that fosters the academic, social and emotional growth of students so that they have the best possible foundation on which to build their ongoing education and their lives.
We work every day to achieve this goal, knowing that the uniqueness of each child, continuing advances in our understanding learning modalities, and changes in our world make this an on-going effort.
At Park Day School, we see five critical inputs to our model. They are our progressive approachacademic rigorexpert teachers, learning environment and social justice program. All of our work builds from these five key areas to do the most to spark in each child the passions that have them think creatively, learn deeply, act compassionately and live fully.
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Progressive Since 1976
• Develops 21st century skills: creativity, critical thinking, 
  communication, collaboration, adaptability;
  information, media and technology skills
• Respects each child’s individual learning strengths
• Supports three critical developmental areas: academic, 
  social, emotional
• Cultivates students as agents of change
Rigorous Academics 
Engaging, challenging and focused on learning outcomes
• Develops strong foundational skill set through
  creative challenges
• Fosters meaningful problem finding and problem solving
• Encourages inquiry and understanding through 
  hands-on approach and innovative Design-Make-
  Engage program
• Prepares students for leadership in their high schools,
  colleges and communities
Community of Expert Teachers
• Maintains content expertise - math, science, writing,
  reading, social studies, engineering, technology
• Partners closely with parents to further each
  child’s intellectual growth and well-being
• Conducts ongoing professional development with UC
  Berkeley, Harvard, POCIS, Gender Spectrum, and
• Works together to build best practices around our deep
  knowledge of children
Learning Environment
• Supports each child’s social, emotional and academic
  growth in an intentionally balanced learning environment
• Enables close student-teacher relationships,
  differentiated instruction and strong student communities
  in small classes
• Offers a strong enrichment program - performing and
  visual arts, music, Spanish, P.E., environmental studies,
• Utilizes extensive outdoor spaces for learning, building,
  gardening, exploring, play
Social Justice Program
• Enables children to respond compassionately and to see
  themselves as agents of change
• Conducts intellectual and academic investigation of local
  and world issues
• Builds across the grades, fostering awareness,
  citizenship and activism
• Increases awareness of personal and group
  perspectives and the range of potential solutions to
  any problem  
Think Creatively
 Learn Deeply
Act Compassionately
Live Fully
Think Creatively
• Explore, take intellectual risks and think divergently
• Know how to learn from their experiences and a   
  range of sources
• Apply a variety of learned techniques for effective
  problem solving
• Balance tenacity and flexibility to strengthen
• Understand meaningful dissent as a way to  
  question the status quo
• Recognize their unique learning strengths

Learn Deeply
• Engage as curious, reflective, active learners
• Possess broad skills for the design, collection,  
  analysis and application of quantitative
  and qualitative research
• Think critically to connect and interpret
  complex information
• Develop technological fluency
• Learn equally from failures, disappointments,
  surprises and successes
• Find intrinsic satisfaction through development and
  mastery of essential academic proficiencies
Act Compassionately
• Learn to make thoughtful, informed decisions both
  individually and collaboratively
• Embrace diversity and act inclusively
• Have a developed responsibility to work for what
  they believe is important
• Act with agency
• Use empathy to understand a variety
  of perspectives
• Remain alert to opportunities to build greater equity
  and justice throughout their lives

Live Fully
• Act courageously
• Strive to do their best
• Find opportunities to help and give back
• Advocate for themselves and others
• Thrive as community members and leaders
• Enjoy thinking, building, learning and innovating in
  all aspects of their lives