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    A Message on alumni giving from Jesse Simons, Class of 1985

    Dear Fellow Alumni,

    Chances are, you don’t know me, but like you, I went to Park School, and if you are like all the other people I know who were lucky enough to have folks like Susan, Harriet and Tom as your teachers, then I suspect that you have been profoundly affected by the experience. 

    I went to Park K-6 and graduated in 1985 but I still have a strong connection to the people I knew well over 20 years ago.

    Also, I have a hunch that Park gave you the communication skills you’ve needed to accomplish your personal and professional goals. And I bet that your time at Park instilled values that are to this day deeply ingrained in the most important parts of your personality. For my own part, I know that Park Day School had a lot to do with my choosing a career dedicated to saving the planet.

    I ask you today to make that a tax-deductible gift to give a child the same opportunity we each had: The chance to learn in a safe, fun and healthy environment; to learn about the world through doing, not just reading; and most important to learn about what really matters; family, friends and community! 

    Voluntary contributions do provide the edge that makes Park Day School extra special. 


    Jesse Simons
    Class of 1985

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