Welcome to the Park Day School After School Activities Program page! This is the place to find the most up-to-date ASAP information throughout the year. The ASAP mirrors our school day program, fostering a safe and nurturing community guided by respect for children as thinkers and explorers, writers and artists, and makers of change in the interest of equity and justice.
In ASAP we love to be respectful, and to have fun! Every day, we circle up as a community, and go over what’s happening for the day. Sometimes during circle we get to tell jokes, sometimes we answer Jeopardy questions, do mad libs, and sometimes we play “Dani’s magic talent”!
After we meet, we all get some delicious snack and eat together. Every day the kids have a choice between free play, an organized game, or an organized activity. During the week we have classes run by our very own talented staff members!

The After School Activities Program highlights:
• Confidence - Participation in one of our clubs or multi-week workshops, students will develop and practice skills in an area of interest for them. Workshops will end in a final project or performance to showcase the accomplishment of the students. We believe this will instill in them a sense of confidence to take on new challenges at school and in the world.

• Caring - The ASAP is an intentional community that focuses on supporting and uplifting one another. At the beginning of each day's program, we come together to share, to eat a healthy snack and to engage. The day teaching staff and the ASAP staff will work together to provide continuity to support a student's social and personal development.

• Creativity - Utilizing the rich artistic landscape of the Bay Area, students will be offered a line-up of diverse and exciting workshops and clubs which will vary throughout the year. Students will be able to pursue their interests or discover new passions in a learning environment that encourages exploration and freedom of expression.
Our class sessions are scheduled in trimesters.
January- Mid March
Mid March-May

This trimester our classes are:
Zine Scene! (K-8th grades; 3:30-4:30 p.m.) 
Write, draw, craft, and create your own booklets! Zines (pronounced zeens) are mini books you make yourself filled with ideas, thoughts, art, or words that feel important to you. We'll be playing word games, brainstorming, writing, collaging, and drawing the creative pieces for our zines. Then we'll bind and present the completed booklets, and students will be able to take home copies of their own zines, as well as those of other students and the collaborative zines we created together. Zines are shareable and fun, and above all, they are about having a space for things you want to share, say, or make--things that are close to your heart, or that give you a sense of satisfaction or joy. From this class, kids will be able to take their craft skills home and build confidence to keep sharing their words and art. 

Coding (K-2nd grades; 3:30-4 p.m.)
Younger students will play and learn on using Course 1 and Course 2. Students will begin to learn about sequences, loops, and events as they collaborate with friends and try to solve challenging problems. They also will explore conditionals, binary code, and debugging. All the while, they will learn about Internet safety and the effects technology has had and continues to have in our world.

Coding (3rd-8th grades; 4-5 p.m.)
This introduction to programming uses Scratch, a block-based form of coding. With Scratch, students will explore the basics of computer science through a series of online games and tutorials, and by programing their own projects. By the end of the course, students will have a grasp of the fundamentals of computer science.

Homework Club (5th-8th grades; 3:30-4:30 p.m.)
Homework Club gives students the chance to meet with a staff member who can assist with homework. It also offers a quiet space where students can focus on their work. 

Innovation Workshop/Recycled Arts (K-8th grades, 3:30-4:30 p.m.)
Participants will be guided through planned and free-choice projects as they explore their creativity and develop fine motor skills. This is a special opportunity for students to get into the Innovation Workshop each week and discover what they can create using recycled materials.

Spanish (K-2nd grades; 3:30-4 p.m.)
Younger students will learn and play using Duolingo. We will sing songs, hear stories, explore different countries, and have fun while learning.

Spanish (3rd-8th grades; 4-4:40 p.m.)
Older students will use Duolingo to do more advanced Spanish. They are also encouraged to bring Spanish homework for homework help.

Homework Club (5th-8th grades; 3:30-4:30 p.m.) 
Homework Club gives students the chance to meet with a staff member who can assist with homework. It also offers a quiet space where students can focus on their work.

Middle School Band (5th-8th grades; 3:30-5 p.m.)
Students will work with musician Tony Peeples on group pieces to be performed at a later date. If you have experience with an instrument, share your skills! If you want to learn an instrument, come join the fun! Vocalists are welcome, too -- come one, come all!

Fun Fridays!
On Fun Fridays we plan extra-special activities for our after-school kids. In the past we've had movie day, spa day, a scavenger hunt, Xbox Kinect games, karaoke, and PJ day, to name a few! All ASAP kids automatically participate in Fun Fridays -- no need to sign up.

Our ASAP is more than just an after-school program - it's a place where students, from kindergarten to 8th grade, can come together to be safe, make friends, create new things, take on leadership opportunities, and most of all . . . . . HAVE FUN!

We're looking forward to a fabulous year in ASAP and to seeing you around!

For any questions/concerns/comments please contact Dani Miller, the After School Director, at, or directly on 510.556-6267.
Meet our staff!
Dani Miller - ASAP Director
Dani grew up in the Bay Area and attended college at Holy Names University (HNU), where she earned a degree in Psychology. She played soccer for HNU and became involved in the theater program. Before joining Park Day's staff as ASAP director, she worked for two years as an after-school coach for Playworks, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching students conflict-resolution skills through creative play. Dani's favorite part of her job is having fun with the kids. She loves to sing, craft, take pictures, act, and play soccer. This is Dani's third year at Park Day!

Concha Mora - ASAP Staff
Concha started working at Park Day School in 2002, and she has a deep connection with the community. She is amazing at teaching a number of classes, but the fan favorite is her beloved cooking class. Concha is adept at working with large numbers of kids at once, and as she works, her love for the kids shines through. She is a very hardworking staff member with creative ideas to make ASAP fun for all. Be sure to smile and say hello to her when you are picking up your kids from ASAP!

Jalen Cole-Williams, ASAP Staff
Jalen started working in our ASAP program in 2014. A Park Day alum, he attended ASAP as a student before graduating in 2008. This past summer he returned to work at Steve and Kate's camp on the Park Day campus. His constant goal is to facilitate a fun, safe environment in which kids can play and connect with each other. He particularly enjoys art and is thrilled to return to his alma mater!

Sarah Gladstone - ASAP Staff
Sarah has worked with kids in independent schools, after-school programs, and summer camps since 2011. She joined the Park Day community in January 2014. Her care style revolves around respect, creative expression, and above all, providing a healthy and safe environment where kids can laugh and play. When she's not at PDS, you can find Sarah working on her English degree, creating zines, or combing through the city for her next inspiration.
Sam Braveman-Kennedy, Morning Care and ASAP Staff
Sam is a Park Day alum who is incredibly excited to return to our campus. He has been studying biology and education at UC Davis, and he spent the summer working with middle school students at Steve and Kate's camp. Sam hopes to bring smiles, good conversation, and tea to Morning Care -- as well as to Julius's fourth grade classroom. Sam's many interests include cooking, soccer, hiking through the California redwoods... and finding out how he can gain super powers.