Daily ASAP programming includes a choice between free play, an organized game, or an organized activity. Some students elect to also attend extra enrichment classes. ASAP Freestyle classes are open to any student enrolled in ASAP on day of class, and offered at no extra charge. ASAP Plus classes are open to any Park Day student and carry an additional cost. ASAP enrichment classes are offered in 8-10 week sessions, three times a year. Enrollment is offered on a first come, first serve basis and we move to a date/time ranked wait list once we reach maximum class enrollment. 
  • ASAP Program Fees for the 2019-2020 school year
    • Full year, 5 day program: $3,300. 
    • 1, 2, 3 or 4 days a week program: $690 per day (ie: sign up for Mondays and Wednesdays and pay $1,380 for the year)*
    • Drop-in 10-packs: $250. 10 packs are non-refundable, do not roll over if unused, and are good for one ASAP check in regardless of the amount of time student spends in ASAP that day. 
    • Last Minute Drop-in: $25 per day if picked-up by 4:30pm. $35 per day if picked up after 4:30 pm (program closes at 6 pm) 
    • Enrichment class and after school athletics fees range from $200 - $400 (5-day students receive a 20% discount). Students can stay at Park Day in ASAP until 6 pm on class days.
    ASAP Financial Assistance
    • Families receiving tuition grants of between 40% and 49% are eligible for 10% financial assistance.
    • Families receiving tuition grants of between 50% and 59% are eligible for 20% financial assistance. 
    • Families receiving tuition grants of between 60% and 74% are eligible for 30% financial assistance.
    • Families receiving tuition grants of 75% or more are eligible for 40% financial assistance.
  • Important information for our 2019-20 enrichment classes: 

    1. Only kids with a 5 day contract will get a Plus class discount. (20%) You will receive an email from Dani with a Coupon Code. If you haven’t received this coupon code, but have registered for 5 days, then please contact Dani at danielle.herrera@parkdayschool.org.

    2. All are welcome to register for Freestyle classes. If you don't have a contract for that day, you can drop in. *** Drop in cards not accepted for registered class days. 

    3. Sign up on Sawyer! You'll be paying through Sawyer this time and will be able to have a payment plan through them. You can look back on your account to remember what classes you've signed up for and when they are. Sign up through Sawyer here! https://www.hisawyer.com/park-day-school/schedules
  • For any questions/concerns/comments please contact Dani Miller, the After School Director, at danielle.herrera@parkdayschool.org, or directly on 510.653.0317 x109

    Meet our staff!

    Dani Herrera - ASAP DirectorDani
    Dani grew up in the Bay Area and attended college at Holy Names University (HNU), where she earned a degree in Psychology. She played soccer for HNU and became involved in the theater program. Before joining Park Day's staff as ASAP director, she worked for two years as an after-school coach for Playworks, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching students conflict-resolution skills through creative play. Dani has a beautiful daughter named Hayley. Dani's favorite part of her job is having fun with the kids. She loves to sing, craft, take pictures, act, and play soccer. This is Dani's fifth year at Park Day!

    Concha Mora - ASAP Staff Concha
    Concha started working at Park Day School in 2002, and she has a deep connection with the community. She is amazing at teaching a number of classes, but the fan favorite is her beloved cooking class. Concha is adept at working with large numbers of kids at once, and as she works, her love for the kids shines through. She is a very hardworking staff member with creative ideas to make ASAP fun for all. Be sure to smile and say hello to her when you are picking up your kids from ASAP!
    Jalen Cole-Williams - ASAP Staff Jalen
    Jalen started working in our ASAP program in 2014. A Park Day alum, he attended ASAP as a student before graduating in 2008. This past summer he returned to work at Steve and Kate's camp on the Park Day campus. His constant goal is to facilitate a fun, safe environment in which kids can play and connect with each other. He particularly enjoys art and is thrilled to return to his alma mater!

    Sam Braveman-Kennedy - Morning Care and ASAP StaffSam BK
    Sam is a Park Day alum who is incredibly excited to return to our campus. He has been studying biology and education at UC Davis, and he spent the summer working with middle school students at Steve and Kate's camp. Sam hopes to bring smiles,
    good conversation, and tea to Morning Care -- as well as to Julius's fourth grade classroom. Sam's many interests include cooking, soccer, hiking through the California redwoods... and finding out how he can gain super powers.