ASAP fosters a safe and nurturing community guided by respect for children as thinkers and explorers, writers and artists, and makers of change in the interest of equity and justice. ASAP is available from the time school lets out until 6 pm daily.
  • ASAP Hours
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 3pm-6pm
    Wednesday: 2 pm - 6pm
    Core ASAP programming includes a choice between free play, an organized game, or an organized activity. ASAP is a robust program on its own. Some students elect to also attend extra enrichment classes. ASAP Freestyle classes are open to any student enrolled in ASAP on day of class, and offered at no extra charge. ASAP Plus classes are open to any Park Day student and carry an additional cost. ASAP enrichment class enrollment is offered on a first come, first serve basis and we move to a date/time ranked wait list once we reach maximum class enrollment. You can also use the daily drop in service for last minute child care needs throughout the year. 
    All classes, both ASAP Freestyle and ASAP Plus are offered in 10-week sessions and change three times a year. Visit School Forms to sign up for ASAP.
  • After School Activities Program (ASAP) Core Program Fees
    • Full year, 5-day program $2,800 (register by Aug 24)
    • Half year, specific day $300 per day (ie: sign up for Mondays and Wednesdays and pay $600 for half a year) 
    • Drop-in 10-packs for $180. 10 packs are non-refundable, do not roll over if unused, and are good for one ASAP check in regardless of the amount of time student spends in ASAP that day. 
    • Drop-in rate: $18 per day if picked-up by 4:30pm. $32 per day if picked up after 4:30 pm (program closes at 6 pm) 
    After School Activities Program (ASAP) Freestyle & Plus Class Fees
    •  ASAP Freestyle classes (10-week sessions) are free to students enrolled in ASAP on day class is offered.
    • ASAP Plus classes (10-week sessions) fee is $160 for students enrolled in ASAP on day class is offered. Families with students who are not enrolled in ASAP on day class is offered pay $260 a session and can stay at Park Day in ASAP until 6 pm on class days.
    • Financial assistance is available.  
  • Winter 2018 10-week sessions begin the week of January 8. 
    Learn more about Middle School Sports, which also take place after school. 
 Day  Type  Class  Description  Grades
 Monday  Plus  Bharata Natyam dance with Aggie Brenneman  This dynamic dance which combines drama and dance, traces its roots to ancient times. Students will learn intricate foot rhythms, hand gestures, and facial expressions to convey stories of Indian culture and mythology. We follow the classical repertoire created in the Thanjavur Court, and made famous by the acclaimed dancer, T. Balasaraswati. Class begins at 3:30pm or 4:30 pm depending on age.  1st-8th
 Monday  Freestyle  Coding Club  Learn to code using fun games and with teacher guidance, face coding challenges depending on your knowledge and pace.  1st-8th
 Monday  Freestyle  Songwriting- FULL:sign up for waitlist  Using instruments and recording technology, we will study the art of poetry and song. Students will develop the tools and skills to continue songwriting and creating music ont heir own. The class will culminate with each student producing a recording of their own individual or collaborative song.  K-8th
 Monday  Plus  RobotED presents: Lego BattleBots  Enter the battlefield! Build battle themed robots including a catapult, ninja star, tank, battering ram, and fighter plane. These robots teach the fundamentals of mechanics like gears, levers, pulleys, cranks, and more. Each team of two gets a computer and LEGO® WeDo® kit to learn with. Exclusive curriculum with an emphasis on technology, engineering, and programming. Prepare for battle!  3rd-6th
 Tuesday  Freestyle  Homework Club- FULL:sign up for waitlist  Homework help with the amazing Kuiolani.  K-8th
 Tuesday  Plus  Minecraft Animated  Get ready to use cameras and Minecraft characters to create amazing stop-motion animation movies! Whether your story is about fighting the wither, going on an adventure, or building the coolest pixel art in the overworld, you’ll have an opportunity to tell it at Minecraft, Animated! We’ll create real-life sets as we learn about stop-motion animation (think Wallace and Gromit!), then film, edit, and upload our creations to YouTube!  K-8th
 Tuesday  Freestyle  Creative Dance- FULL:sign up for waitlist  This class will focus on creative movement as we explore various types of dance in a fun setting with ASAP teacher, Alice Gold. Students will develop simple coordination, musicality, rhythm and concentration along with practicing creative movement and developing a love of dance. Class begins at 3:30pm or 4:30 pm depending on age.  K-5th
 Wednesday  Freestyle  Garden Crafting  Using a variety of found materials and traditional crafting supplies, we will create functional and aesthetic works of arts to put in our schools nature area and in your garden! Students will bring home a project each week.  K-8th
 Wednesday  Plus  Comic Drawing and Graphic Storytelling  Watch your child's imagination come alive in the magical world of comics! In this class, students will learn how to synthesize their stories and ideas on paper. Kids will learn how to make their own minicomics as well as making one long form comic over the course of the semester. We will cover basic elements of illustration, storyboarding, character design and more! Comic books are brought to every class as instructional material (and to read, because reading comics is just too much fun!)  K-8th
 Wednesday  Freestyle  Cooking  Every day we will cook something new! Learn basic knife skills, and the properties of baking and mixing. Students will cook in the kitchen, and class will culminate in an ASAP recipe book full of recipes kids can make at home.  K-8th
 Wednesday  Plus  Capoeira: Filhos de Bimba  Children learn basic capoeira movements, music and history in a fun and playful environment. The capoeira is focused on developing discipline, respect, body awareness, confidence, and social skills in a supportive and positive atmosphere. The methodology used not only helps them to develop basic attack and defense skills and increase coordination of muscle groups but also puts them on a path to a mentally strong and physically active lifestyle.  K-8th
 Thursday  Freestyle  Planet You!  In our “Planet You!” class, students will create and imagine their own planet. Students will paint, draw, sketch, and craft all of the different elements of their planet. Who lives there? What do they eat? What color is... Everything? Your Creativity and imagination will run wild.  K-8th
 Thursday  Plus  Nexplore Science  This is a program built upon inquiry, experimentation and play! Students will dive deep into various scientific concepts such as electricity,inventions, sound, energy, physics, light, nature, earth sciences and more! Each class teaches fundamental scientific ideas to children through hands-on play and activities. Each student will receive their very own ScienceWiz™ kit to explore throughout the course. Students will experiment, investigate and build understanding from dynamic weekly activities.  2nd-6th
 Friday  Plus  Broadway Music and Dance: Bay Area Children’s Theater  Students will learn lyrics and some choreography for 2-3 Broadway show tunes, and collaborate to write a short script linking the songs together like a jukebox musical  2nd-5th
 Friday  Volunteer Hours  Junior Staff Program  Are you in 8th grade and need to complete your volunteer hours? Join Dani to become a Junior Staff member in ASAP, where we will place 8th graders into classes or onto the yard in After School. They will learn how to use attention getters, use conflict resolution, and take initiative with the younger kids. We will meet every other Friday, and place students in classes during the week on a day that works for them. 7th graders are also welcome to join our program.  7th and 8th
  • For any questions/concerns/comments please contact Dani Miller, the After School Director, at danielle.herrera@parkdayschool.org, or directly on 510.556-6267.
    Meet our staff!

    Dani Miller - ASAP DirectorDani
    Dani grew up in the Bay Area and attended college at Holy Names University (HNU), where she earned a degree in Psychology. She played soccer for HNU and became involved in the theater program. Before joining Park Day's staff as ASAP director, she worked for two years as an after-school coach for Playworks, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching students conflict-resolution skills through creative play. Dani's favorite part of her job is having fun with the kids. She loves to sing, craft, take pictures, act, and play soccer. This is Dani's third year at Park Day!

    Concha Mora - ASAP Staff Concha
    Concha started working at Park Day School in 2002, and she has a deep connection with the community. She is amazing at teaching a number of classes, but the fan favorite is her beloved cooking class. Concha is adept at working with large numbers of kids at once, and as she works, her love for the kids shines through. She is a very hardworking staff member with creative ideas to make ASAP fun for all. Be sure to smile and say hello to her when you are picking up your kids from ASAP!
    Jalen Cole-Williams - ASAP Staff Jalen
    Jalen started working in our ASAP program in 2014. A Park Day alum, he attended ASAP as a student before graduating in 2008. This past summer he returned to work at Steve and Kate's camp on the Park Day campus. His constant goal is to facilitate a fun, safe environment in which kids can play and connect with each other. He particularly enjoys art and is thrilled to return to his alma mater!

    Rebekah Espino Drobner - ASAP Staff rebekah
    Sam Braveman-Kennedy - Morning Care and ASAP StaffSam BK
    Sam is a Park Day alum who is incredibly excited to return to our campus. He has been studying biology and education at UC Davis, and he spent the summer working with middle school students at Steve and Kate's camp. Sam hopes to bring smiles,
    good conversation, and tea to Morning Care -- as well as to Julius's fourth grade classroom. Sam's many interests include cooking, soccer, hiking through the California redwoods... and finding out how he can gain super powers.