Note to Tom
    Tom Headshot
                Tom Little

  • Dear Park Day Community,


    We have been deeply moved by the outpouring of caring and support we've felt during these past months.  The love, strength and generosity of this community are again proven by your words and actions. Thank you.

    In the weeks before his death, Tom asked that an enduring tuition fund be established in his name. He expressed his great desire to provide a Park Day School education to kids who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend. Donations to the Park Day School Tom Little Tuition Fund may be sent to the school, or made on-line.


    The entire staff has asked us to let you know we feel your support and presence. We are grateful for this community. As always, we will stay close.
    Flo Hodes                                                         Jon Kidder                                          
    Assistant Head of School                                 Head of School