• We understand that choosing an independent school education is an investment of both time and resources, and a weighty financial decision for families.

    Park Day School is considered a national leader in progressive education, and our tuition supports a vigorous, project-based academic curriculum. Tuition enables our team of expert faculty to do what they do best—inspire and educate in intimate classroom settings where differentiated learning is embraced, and each child is supported individually in a way that helps them thrive and succeed with confidence. Our financial assistance program is a critical part of our culture and community, and we are committed to building a student body that draws from a diverse array of socioeconomic backgrounds. 

    Tuition & Fees
    Park Day School tuition includes morning care (7:30 am until school begins, daily), books, class supplies, classroom technology tools, fieldwork excusrsions, including overnights* and learning collaborations with a variety of local organizations. Tuition for 2019-2020 will be set by the board in January, 2019. 

    2018-2019 tuition K - 5th grade: $25,790
    2018-2019 tuition 6th - 8th grade: $28,000

    Tuition may be paid through 10 monthly payments or in one or two installments. Learn more about the financial assistance application process online and by talking with us. Financial assistance allocations are need-based, and are assessed and allocated separately from admissions decisions. Families must apply for financial assistance every year.

    *The 8th grade week long trip to Mexico carries an additional fee to cover student travel, and financial assistance is available.

    After School Activites Program
    Park Day School’s After School Activities Program (ASAP) is $3,000 for annual, five-day-a-week enrollment and drop in care is available as well, ASAP Plus enrichment classes range from $160-$350 per class, and Middle School after-school sports are $195 for one season, with discounts applied for signing up for two or three seasons.