• Admission Events

  • Weekday Morning Classroom Tours (Parents/Guardians only)


    Sunday Open Houses: Nov 4 & Dec 2, 2018

    Children ages 4+ participate in fun kid-programming while parents/guardians attend mini-classes.

    Students participate in games and projects while parents/guardians attend mini-classes.


    Other Events: Playground Playdates and House Parties 

    December 5, 2018: Parent Mixer in the home of a current Park Day parent. This is a great opportunity to meet parents and guardians in our community and ask questions about personal experiences at Park Day. Staff will not be present.

    January 10, 2019: for Families with Children of Color. Hosted by current parents and parent members of the board at the home of a current Park Day parent. Great opportunity to ask questions about personal experiences at Park Day.  Staff will not be present.

  • Free play on campus for families considering Kindergarten through 4th grade at Park Day. Help your kids feel more comfortable on campus before their student visit.