• Admission Events

  • Weekday Morning Classroom Tours (Parents/Guardians only)


    Sunday Open Houses: Nov 4 & Dec 2, 2018

    Children ages 4+ participate in fun kid-programming while parents/guardians attend mini-classes.

    Students participate in games and projects while parents/guardians attend mini-classes.


    Other Events: Playground Playdates and House Parties 

    December 6, 2018: Parent Mixer in the home of a current Park Day parent. This is a great opportunity to meet parents and guardians in our community and ask questions about personal experiences at Park Day. Staff will not be present.

    Date TBD (January of 2019) for Families with Children of Color. Hosted by current parents and parent members of the board at the home of a current Park Day parent. Great opportunity to ask questions about personal experiences at Park Day.  Staff will not be present.

  • Free play on campus for families considering Kindergarten through 4th grade at Park Day. Help your kids feel more comfortable on campus before their student visit.