• Park Day School's Emergency Preparedness Plan
    The Park Day School staff have spent a great deal of time discussing, training, and planning for our response to a major emergency such as an earthquake. The staff conducts training sessions prepared by the City of Oakland Office of Emergency Services, beginning with the basic information that we need and culminating with an afternoon of mock drills of various scenarios. We have developed an emergency plan.
  • The staff are divided into teams that are consistent with the guidelines of the Office of Emergency Services (OES), and we expect to follow their hierarchical structure that is recommended during major emergencies. Our teams and our response plans are updated and reinforced before the beginning of each school year. 
    We maintain a shed stocked with all pertinent supplies and materials. We require all parents to fully complete emergency forms that provide us all with information necessary should a disaster strike. Please be sure that you keep the school office completely updated with information.
    One element that the Office of Emergency Services (OES) stresses is the absolute necessity of maintaining a sense of order and discipline during the response to a disaster. As you can imagine, having a campus filled with children waiting for their parents requires a calm and steady atmosphere. We will be following the Office of Emergency Training’s guidelines for releasing children to parents or other authorized adults. We want to assure you that our intention is to have all children removed from the campus to the custody of their parents or other authorized adults as quickly as possible. Our procedure for release has been guided by the OES recommendations, and we strongly believe that it must be understood and adhered to by all.
    Our plan, in the case of a major emergency, includes having a release table at the 43nd Street gate of the main campus. We have been advised by the OES not to allow any person to enter the campus to retrieve a child (other than any emergency personnel that might be required.) Parents and other adults, who arrive at the campus, will be greeted at the gate by a release team who will send a runner to bring the child to the gate and oversee that they are properly released to an authorized person. It will be imperative that we have buy-in from all parents on this plan. It will, no doubt, be a very tense and emotional time should the emergency be one of devastating proportions. We will all be operating at our maximum and will be striving to adhere to all the guidelines we have been given and to all the practices for which we have prepared.
    There will be no exceptions.
    If you are a parent with medical skills or counseling skills, we would like to know this. Can you inform the school office at the beginning of the school year if you would be willing to volunteer your special services to the school, should we deem them needed during a crisis? If you have any questions about our procedures, please contact the school and speak with Assistant Head of School, Margaret Piskitel,