Head of School, Roel Mason-Vivit



    At Park Day School we educate students about social justice and help them understand the world around them, applying real world examples to key academic building blocks. Calculating rates and percentages is part of the core math curriculum in 6th grade, and in response to student discussion, Park Day students begin learning these skills by first examining data around police stop rates.



    Poetry is a major curricular anchor and area of study in 2nd grade. The study of poetry takes many forms and dovetails into the study of immigration, science, social studies research, the enviornment, and more. 


    3rd graders study electricity and birds. Last year, after researching birds and creating interactive STEM displays using computer coding and electrical conductors, students took their studies further and organized a campaign to help protect the Black Crowned Night Heron, a bird native to Oakland. 


    Generation Citizen is a civic engagement program for students. This video details student work around red-lining and transportation in schools, while the other half of the class addressed the issue of food deserts, and helped build community awareness about the Food Mobility Bill. 



    Bringing students outside the classroom and into the community is a key element of Park Day School's progressive educational model. Through fieldwork around the Bay Area, students deepen their knowledge about what they are learning, about the world around them, and gain a deep understanding of their own power to make change for the better.