Advisory & Electives


Middle Schoolers meet daily in grade-level advisory groupings of 12-13 students (three advisories per grade). Forging connections with a new advisor annually helps develop student capacity to learn and get along with different types of teachers—a skill that benefits them in high school. Advisory takes place after lunch and helps students transition with focus into afternoon classes.

A student’s advisor is the first person that Middle School students and their families go to for support. Advisors coach students through emotional ups and downs, help with organization and homework management strategies, and take lead in teaching shared grade-level SEL curriculum to support how middle schoolers navigate their changing social and emotional landscapes.

Advisory is where major current events are first discussed, and advisors facilitate the Middle School Service Learning program. The emphasis in advisory is on helping students become better self-advocates, upstanders within their personal and global communities, and supporting their evolving sense of self.


Students have the opportunity to take Art, Music, and Drama electives as part of their school day. Sixth graders take art, music, and drama, participating in one arts class three times a week on a trimester basis, and then switching. Seventh graders choose two arts to focus on and switch on the semester, while eighth graders specialize in one selected subject all year long.

After school competitive sports, language academy, and other enrichment classes are available through the After School Activities Program.