3rd Grade: Bird Rescue

3rd grade field trip to the International Bird Rescue wildlife center

November 20, 2019

Every year, each 3rd grade student chooses a California bird to study. For the past few years, Park Day School 3rd graders have been moved by the plight of the Back-crowned Night-Heron. So much so that, along with community activists, the Golden Gate Audobon Society, and International Bird Rescue, they successfully fought to make the Black-crowned Night-Heron the first official bird of Oakland.

As 3rd graders begin their study of birds, they will be visiting one of the International Bird Rescue’s wildlife centers. Our friends over at International Bird Rescue let us know that this summer over 100 Black-crowned Night-Herons had been injured and asked us if we’d like to come help with their rehabilitation. Students will spend the day learning from bird experts about conservation, native birds, and rehabilitation.