Equity & Inclusion

From Arjuna Sayyed, Director of Equity & Inclusion

At Park Day School, equity and inclusion are core values that shape our relationships and program. We believe that diversity makes the world a better place, and that anti-racist and anti-bias teaching alongside cultural education can foster and shape healthy communities. Through thoughtful educational practices around equity and inclusion, students are better prepared to be informed, courageous, and compassionate people who shape a more equitable and sustainable world.

All of us, regardless of age, must learn specific competencies in order to fully participate in diverse environments. As a faculty and staff, we engage in continuous professional development and work with each other every day to challenge assumptions and engage in equity work to strengthen our school community. Our approach includes best practices from Teaching Tolerance and Anti-Bias Curriculum

Anti-Racist Family Resources

Furthering values of equity and inclusion means not shying away from hard conversations. If hurtful talk stemming from difference in identity, appearance, background, or ability, enters onto the playground or in the classroom, we address it head on. Using Restorative Practices, we work with students, teachers, and families to repair harm in authentic ways. This work takes time and doesn’t always resolve quickly, but we are committed to partnering with each other to create a safe space for all students. 

When everyone in our community is able to bring their whole selves to school and feels empowered and celebrated, we all thrive.


Students at Park Day School come from many diverse backgrounds: just over half of our students are students of color and include 31% of the student body who identify as multiracial. These are the words students’ families use to describe their racial identities. 

4% of students are from LGBTQ-headed households. 3% of students identify as transgender or nonbinary. 

Affinity & Alliance Groups

Student Affinity Groups meet regularly in Middle School and include a Black/African American group, an Asian American Pacific Islander group, a Latin/a/e/o/x group, a Multi-racial group, a Jewish group, and two white groups. Park Day School also supports critical inquiry groups including Queer and Trans History; Mental Health, Identity and Equity; and Disability Justice.

Listen to our student-powered podcast episodes on affinity groups and critical inquiry groups!

Cultural and identity-focused events such as Diwali, Lunar New Year, Black History Month, and Pride are highlights of class time and community time. We work with students to encourage and develop pride in personal identities, and are starting work to build student affinity groups as a community. Parent affinity and alliance groups also come together to celebrate identity, provide community learning opportunities, share traditions and form new bonds.

  • Student Affinity Groups (Middle School students, see above)
  • Student Critical Inquiry Groups (Middle School students, see above)
  • Families with Children of Color Affinity Group (families)
  • LGBTQ+ Community Affinity Group (families & staff)
  • Families Built By Adoption (families)
  • Gender & Sexuality Alliance (students)
  • Gender Justice Alliance (families)
  • Diversity & Justice Alliance (parents)
  • Learning Support Alliance (parents)
  • Staff of Color (faculty & staff)
  • White Allies (faculty & staff)