Counseling Services (K-8)

Counseling Program Mission

The Park Day School Counseling Program prioritizes the health of the whole child and understands that mental, social, and emotional security is foundational to engaged, meaningful learning. Anchored in equity and best practices, the counseling program adapts diverse strategies to support students in their self-actualization as they become contributing citizens in our community. These supportive services in partnership with Park Day’s approach to Social Emotional Learning provide space for all students to develop their individual perspectives and strengthen their compassion and resilience.

Emma McMahon, K-8 School Counselor

As an equity-focused school counselor, Emma McMahon honors students’  individuality and fosters academic and social/emotional development through personalized methods of support. Students can access varied tiered services such as individual sessions, small group counseling sessions, conflict resolutions, or classwide socio-emotional lessons. Emma is also available to collaborate and consult with staff members and parents to gain more insight on the whole-child and examine best practices. In session, comprehensive strategies are adapted from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Restorative Practices, strengths-based problem solving, and trauma-informed care. Whether students need an empathetic ear for processing feelings or a partner in strategizing coping skills and solutions, Emma’s door is open to all students.

Services Available

  • Crisis counseling
  • Drop-in counseling
  • Brief-model counseling (4-8 sessions)
  • Group counseling
  • Conflict resolutions
  • Restorative Practices
  • Classwide SEL presentations
  • Student behavior observations and interventions
  • Staff and parent consultations