How Financial Aid works at Park Day:

Current Tuition

We understand that choosing an independent school education is an investment of both time and resources. For the 2021-2022 school year, full tuition is $30,900 for K-5, and $33,400 for Middle School. Tuition for the upcoming school year is set by the Board of Trustees annually in January. 

Frequently asked questions about financial aid are answered below. Please scroll down. Park Day’s robust financial aid program ensures that the school enrolls a socio-economically diverse community of families. 37% of Park Day families receive financial aid. A family’s financial need is determined by an evaluation of their financial aid application through third-party provider School and Student Services (SSS), and supporting tax documentation. Grants range from 10% to 95%, with an average grant of 55%. 

Apply For Financial Aid (Code 5669)

SSS Webinar: How to Apply for Financial Aid

Tax Primer for Parents Completing SSS Parent Financial Statement

Tax Primer for Self-Employed Parents Completing SSS Parent Financial Statement

Frequently Asked Questions