How Indexed Tuition works at Park Day:

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Submitting an Indexed Tuition Application

We know that choosing an independent school education is an investment of both time and resources. Every family who attends Park Day School has the opportunity to enroll with a tuition level that fits their financial circumstances. Park Day School uses SSS to determine a family’s Indexed Tuition level and ability to pay. 

For the 2022-2023 school year, indexed tuition ranges from $1,650 to $32,800 at the top of the index in the lower school (K-5) and $34,400 at the top of the index in middle school (6-8).  Our tuition indexing program helps ensure that students from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds can afford to attend Park Day. Typically about 40% of Park Day families pay below the top of the index.

Tuition for the upcoming school year is set by the Board of Trustees annually in January (tuition generally increases between 3.5% and 6.5% annually), and families must apply for Indexed Tuition each year. As long as a family’s financial circumstances remain significantly unchanged from year to year, families can generally expect to pay within their same Indexed Tuition range annually. Frequently asked questions about the tuition indexing program are answered below. Please scroll down.

How to use 2020 Taxes to complete SSS PFS

How to use 2021 Taxes to complete SSS PFS

SSS Webinar for Parents: How to Apply for Indexed Tuition

Webinar Walk Through: SSS Application

SSS Due Dates

Prospective and returning families who would like to apply to pay tuition below the top of the index should complete the SSS application by the due dates listed below. SSS charges a non-refundable $55 fee to submit the application; those who qualify for a fee waiver will automatically be granted one upon submission of the SSS application.

Frequently Asked Questions