Social Studies & History

Social Studies & History

Park Day students are taught to notice different perspectives and to seek out a diverse pool of voices in an effort to better understand history.  By studying past and current events, students learn about community and societal structure, and how members of a democratic nation can educate themselves to challenge those societies and make impactful change.

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In Lower School, teachers integrate community values and aspects of belonging into every part of the curriculum. Social Studies content includes an inclusive and honest look at history with a focus on identity, justice and developing future change makers, while being mindful of age appropriate stages of development. Educators teach grade-level skills and concepts including research, organizing written and oral thoughts, persuasive reasoning, critical thinking, presentation, and delivery.  

In Middle School, independence, power and influence, critical analysis, interpretation of current events using previous moments in history, personal and structural bias and perspectives, geography and cartography, race as a force in America, and formation of government all come together in a spiraled curriuculum. Students dive even deeper in their understanding of how to select and use appropriate primary and secondary sources to back up opinions, and clarify perspectives and bias. 

Because History and Social Studies bring together so many topics, including history, government, economics, civics, sociology, geography, and anthropology, students frequently participate in multi-week layered projects.