The Spanish program is built with an emphasis on oral language within a cultural context. In many ways, Spanish is a blend of Social Studies merged with an equity and justice course. 

7th Grade Spotlight


In Lower School, class is conducted in authentic and engaging ways similar to how children learn their first language in their home: through social interactions, playing games, singing, listening to and reading children’s literature, and by engaging in hands-on projects through the study of various Spanish speaking cultures. The Alba Y Gael curriculum (aligned with ACTFL World-Readiness Standards) is used in the classroom 

In Middle School, Spanish class meets three times a week. The curriculum is rooted in equity and justice learning, with a focus on news, events, and culture from Spanish speaking countries. A typical lesson may find students viewing short news clips in Spanish, and writing responses to those which are then used as catalysts for group discussion. Grammar studies are integrated into daily lessons, and students often place into Spanish II in High School.

Because we have a wide range of students at various levels of Spanish language proficiency, from native speakers, to children coming from immersion pre-schools and grade-schools, to first time speakers, our Spanish program is thoughtfully differentiated throughout the grades.