School Begins at 8:30am

Before class starts, students may begin their day in morning care as early as 7:30am.

First Class of the Day!

The day may kick off with the Humanities, and discussion of last night’s reading– a book of short stories chosen by the students from a broader teacher selection. In a double humanities block, students transition from language arts to social studies after a short stretch break.

Fine Arts Class

Drama often builds off the work in humanities, sometimes bringing a reading to life, or deepening empathy and understanding for different human perspectives through drama and improv games. If students are not at drama, they may be taking art or music classes. Check out our most recent fine arts collaborations.


Short break time to get a snack and spend time with friends.

Back to Class

Math and Science are integrated at Park Day. Check out a stats and data study unit from the 6th grade curriculum.


Hot lunch is everyone’s favorite. Our on-campus chefs create tasty, balanced meals featuring salad bars and plenty of choice. Students eat and hang out outside, participate in student leadership, join different affinity groups, or take time in the middle school quiet room to finish homework.


Students meet daily in small 12-13 person groups in advisory to take a moment to talk through what is happening in their lives, unpack current events, or play games or go on short field trips in the neighborhood.


Weekly electives are where video storytelling, yearbook, and other specialty classes come to life. Electives change three times a year, but always feature some sort of art, music, drama, volunteering, maker activity, and sports, as well as other options. Check out this video from the Video Journalism elective!

Study Hall or Spanish

Spanish focuses on conversational skills and learning about world culture in spanish speaking countries. The majority of our graduates place into Spanish II in high school, and the 8th grade travels to Mexico for a week in the spring! Study hall helps give you time to get through some of your homework or get help on a tricky assignment.

Science Class

Science explores the differences between reasoning, a claim, and evidence, and teaches students the skills they need to discuss and represent various viewpoints in a scientific issue. Lab experiments and reports encourage students to approach the world with curiosity.

Dismissal at 3:30pm & After School Sports

60% of students participate in after school sports teams, and we compete against other independent schools in flag football, ultimate frisbee, basketball, volleyball, track, and cross country.

Learn more about transitioning from 5th to 6th grade!

Frequently Asked Questions

Middle School Frequently Asked Questions