If You Knew Me Mondays Podcast

If You Knew Me Mondays

If You Knew Me Mondays (IYKMM) is a student hosted, Park Day inspired podcast thatĀ builds belonging by sharing stories and perspectives from the margins of our school and community.

Season: 2

S:2 E:9

IYKMM Park Day Names: Purpose & Perspectives

S:2 E:8

IYKMM Brown Bag Essay x Lake Merritt Clean Up

S:2 E:7

IYKMM Park Day Campus Close Up

S:2 E:6

IYKMM Mighty Apple Origin Story

S:2 E:5

IYKMM Student Affinity Group Special!

S:2 E:4

IYKMM Winter Holiday Special: The Gift of Giving

S:2 E:3

Favorite PDS Traditions, Ground Level with 3rd Grade, New School Anthem + More!

S:2 E:2

IYKMM Halloween Special!

S:2 E:11

IYKMM Pride Week Special

S:2 E:10

With Love, From If You Knew Me Mondays!

S:2 E:1

Identity+Collage, Squirrels, Scott Keller & More!

S:2 E:0

If You Knew… Season 2 Preview

Season: 1

S:1 E:8

Lunar New Year

S:1 E:7

KK and Luna

S:1 E:6


S:1 E:5


S:1 E:4


S:1 E:3


S:1 E:2


S:1 E:1


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