IYKMM New Year, New Us!

IYKMM New Year, New Us!

It’s the launch of season 3 of Park Day’s signature student-hosted, community-centered podcast, If You Knew Me Mondays! Our first episode is all about friendship – key qualities, navigating conflict with friends and the important role they play when adjusting to life in a new community. This episode is dedicated to this year’s new Park Day families and it includes 58 different voices. Hear what they have to say! 👂🏽🎶

1:35 / Park “Daily” Question: What Makes A Good Friend? 11:45 / Public Service Announcement: How To Fix A Hurt Friendship. 23:47 / New Year, New Us! Navigating A New Community!


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This is a Park Day School Department of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Production!

Thank you to the following:

Co-hosts: Dylan McCune, Eva-Maria Mollers, Serenah Whitney

Student producers: Lilah A.G. Shapiro, Medgar Duewa, Zuri Harrington-Kihn, June Kayman, Zadie Burke, Evie Freedman

Special Guests: Victorian Albaracin, Emma McMahon, Sara Levine

IYKMM Logo: Christina Chung

IYKMM Intro Vocals: Adian Plowe and Lisa Ostapinski, Naomi Crawford, Djumi Sayyed and Angela Taylor.

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