Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning

Park Day School believes that social and emotional learning is pivotal to a child’s identity, and that academic work cannot be separated from it. Teachers approach social and emotional learning with developmentally appropriate practices and deep understanding of child development. Participating in community, understanding oneself as a friend and part of a larger whole — this is part of a K-8 education at Park Day School.

Educators at Park Day teach social and emotional skills in the same way we teach foundational academic skills– by providing opportunities for students to practice. Teachers intentionally design projects that require students to learn something about one another, engage in dialogue, and integrate others’ ideas with their own. Perspective taking is a key part of social-emotional learning, and acquiring the tools to empathize with how someone else is feeling, or imagine how someone else might hear a passing comment (and reframe it), is key.  

Students are encouraged (and supported) to first go to the source, and try to resolve the issue directly and respectfully. Once something has been discussed, Park Day School students know that others are expecting respect and change.

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