Grandparents & Special Friends

Welcome Grandparents & Special Friends!

Save the Date!

Grandparents & Special Friends Day is a special and beloved tradition here at Park Day School, and we are thrilled to welcome our extended family and friends to visit our beautiful campus this fall on Friday, November 17th, 2023.  Watch this space for more details as the event grows closer.

Last spring we came together united by the theme “The Power of Storytelling to Connect Us.”  We enjoyed a beautiful breakfast together, visited classrooms, took fun family portraits at the photo booth, and did art and gardening projects before coming together and joining voices in a community sing-along.  We also participated in a special intergenerational storytelling project led by our student podcast club in partnership with GEMS Oral Histories project.

We invite you to listen to the student-powered, If You Knew Me Mondays, podcast episode for a curated selection of Park Day family stories and other recorded audio from that wonderful Grandparents and Special Friends Day!  And then click on the below for the full audiogram gallery experience. Thank you for listening!


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Karen & Koko

Olivia, Nafessa, Ken, & Ayisha

Rafael & Merrylen

Tohqi & Ninang

Sahana, Kalyani, & Ganesh