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Middle School Frequently Asked Questions

Progressive education is child-centered and inquiry-led. Students learn by doing and are encouraged to follow their own curiosity. With carefully scaffolded instruction, expert teachers guide students to find the connections between their own interests and topic areas. With hands-on investigations, art, and design challenges, students are encouraged to build, create and explain their thinking. 

Park Day School has a robust interdisciplinary academic program and a commitment to nurturing emotional intelligence, with  a focus on social justice. Learning focuses on the development of foundational skills and deep, personal connections to the subject matter. Teachers use differentiated learning groups and thoughtfully curated partnerships to provide individual and group instruction that is  responsive to the developmental range of students. 

Collaboration and group work are key parts of Park Day’s progressive curriculum. Studies explore the connections that surround us, and help students build on the ideas of experts and peers while identifying and respecting diverse perspectives