IYKMM 3rd Grade Reflections On Love

IYKMM 3rd Grade Reflections On Love 📡💕💖

In this episode our 3rd and 5th grade podcast club gets into the spirit of Valentine’s Day with a silly, sappy reflection on what love is and why it’s important in our lives. This is a perfect pairing for Valentine’s Day card making and features 16 different Park Day voices – hear what they have to say!👂🏽🎶


This is a Park Day School Department of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Production!

Thank you to our 5th grade hosts and 3rd graders for their thoughtful reflections.

Music: I Eet – Bremer/McCoy

IYKMM Logo: Christina Chung

IYKMM Intro Vocals: Adian Plowe and Lisa Ostapinski, Naomi Crawford, Djumi Sayyed and Angela Taylor.

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