IYKMM Holi Special

IYKMM Holi Special👂🏽🎶

Our middle school podcast club has made a special episode to help our community prepare for our first ever all-school Holi celebration! Tune in now to hear a wide range of perspective about how this colorful holiday is celebrated across families, generations and geography. You’ll hear from students, parents and grandparents as they reflect on how this holiday has evolved across the South Asian diaspora and unites millions of people across the globe. This episode features 24 Park Day voices – hear what they have to say!👂🏽🎶


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This is a Park Day School Department of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Production.

Thank you to the following:

Student Producers: Sahana Pasha and Shaye Weeramantry

Parents: Heena Shah and Maaria Hussain

IYKMM Logo: Christina Chung

IYKMM Intro Vocals: Adian Plowe and Lisa Ostapinski, Naomi Crawford, Djumi Sayyed and Angela Taylor.

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