IYKMM Park Day Pavilion

IYKMM Park Day Pavilion

The first student produced podcast of the year is ready for your ears and it’s all about our new school pavilion! Tune in now to hear this middle school-made story that includes scenes from the ribbon cutting ceremony, conversation with our facilities team about the design + build project and comments from students and staff about their first impressions and hopes for this new Park Day feature.  This episode features 27 Park Day voices – hear what they have to say!👂🏽🎶


This is a Park Day School Department of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Production.

Produced by: Zadie Berk, Lucas Redis-Seefer and Shaye Weeramantry

Editing & Soundscape by: Finn Absher and Kishan Rogers

Field Recordings by: James Adereth, Zadie Berk, Jeanine Harmon, Lucas Redis-Seefer and Shaye Weeramantry

IYKMM Logo: Christina Chung

IYKMM Intro Vocals: Adian Plowe and Lisa Ostapinski, Naomi Crawford, Djumi Sayyed and Angela Taylor.

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