IYKMM Park Day Nature Zone

IYKMM Park Day Nature ZoneπŸ‘‚πŸ½πŸŽΆ

We’ve got a new piece of Park Day history….our first ever Kinder-made podcast episode! Tune in now to hear these inspiring campus caretakers walk you through their journey updating our “Nature Zone”. This part of our campus has a rich history and these precocious kindergarteners will help you connect this past with the present and promising future. They’ll take you with them on their field trip to Blake Garden in Berkeley, on community interviews and the grand reopening of this campus treasure. This episode features 40+ Park Day voices – hear what they have to say!πŸ‘‚πŸ½πŸŽΆ


This is a Park Day School Department of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Production.

Thank you to the following: Victoria Albaracin, Paola Zamudio, Elizabeth McDowell, Clara Williams, Park Day Kindergartens, Jennifer Cooper, Jeanine Harmon, Terri Edwards-Nixon, Joe Patton, Zack Pines and Kathryn Lincoln.

IYKMM Logo: Christina Chung

IYKMM Intro Vocals: Adian Plowe and Lisa Ostapinski, Naomi Crawford, Djumi Sayyed and Angela Taylor.

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