Fall Reopening Plan

Reopening Park Day School

As we chart a path toward opening school in September, we remain committed to providing a safe environment where dynamic and engaging learning thrives. Health and safety is at the forefront and we are planning to reopen campus to students for in-person instruction when we are permitted to do so based on state and county guidelines. While no one can say with certainty what will happen during the upcoming school year, we’ve been preparing for a range of scenarios with the assumption that we will encounter a complex, evolving school year and that we must be able to shift with it. 

Governor Newsom’s briefing on July 17 outlined new guidelines about reopening schools. Specifically, he announced that California schools—public and private—may only reopen under specific conditions. The school must be located in a county that has been off the state’s watch list for 14 consecutive days. The state’s watch list evaluates counties on their COVID-19 severity—based on disease transmission, hospitalization rates, and hospital capacity. Alameda County is currently one of 32 counties on that list, and distributed this communication regarding school opening this fall.  

Park Day will begin the 2020-21 school year activating our upgraded Distance Learning model which reflects new guidelines and incorporates survey feedback from the spring. We are committing to distance learning through the end of September and will continually assess Alameda County’s mandates as they are announced.