Student Visit

Student Visits By Grade Level

Upon receipt of your application, you will be invited to sign up for your child’s visit and assessment. All student applicants visit Park Day. Students applying to K & 1st will also complete a video assessment, while students applying to 2nd – 6th will participate in assessments during their visit day. Assessments and visits help us observe students in a group setting, and get a sense of where students are academically/developmentally in this moment in time. These touchpoints are only one aspect of our admission process.

Confirm Teacher & School Forms

Your child’s current teachers/school may need a gentle reminder to complete and send in the recommendation form (all applicants) and transcript (1-8 applicants) no later than the date indicated on Ravenna. Please confirm that your child’s forms have been received by Park Day be reviewing your file in Ravenna. If not, please follow-up with your child’s current teachers/school.