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January at Park Day

Check out Park Day School’s action-packed January!

September at Park Day

A glimpse of everything our students got up to in their first month back at Park Day.

Emergent Curriculum in Kindergarten

Kindergarten teacher, Elizabeth, shares how student interest guided her curricular approach to an annual kindergarten project.

Day in the Life of Kindergarten

Kindergartners share all about their daily routine and experiences at school.

Equity & Justice: Systems Thinking

Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Arjuna, discusses 8th grade’s work in partnership with Critical Resistance, the non-profit prison industrial complex abolitionist movement.

Study Skills & Critical Thinking

Park Day builds student skills to teach young people how to take risks, think critically, be flexible, and thrive in life and subsequent schooling.

Service Learning

Every grade participates in service learning programs that connect students to the world beyond our campus. With long standing relationships with local organizations, Park Day students are able to create real and lasting change through ever deepening partnerships.

Transition to High School

Three Park Day alumni (one current high school student, one current college student, and one college graduate) speak about their experience transitioning from Park Day to High School.

6th Grade & Statistics

Statistics is an integral part of 6th grade mathematical learning. Responding to student inquiry, our statistics unit used real data to analyze what is happening in our society.

Testing the Boundaries of Science

The hot zone– testing the spread of disease, experimenting with electromagnetism, and brain dissections! Hear from current Middle School students about the science program.

Virtual Campus Tour

Take a virtual tour of Park Day School’s 4-acre garden campus.

Encouraging Curiosity & Engagement

Park Day students are taught to be curious, and how to collaborate, communicate, while pursuing individual interests and passions.

Organizational Skills

How do students learn to stay organized in school?

Mathematical Problem Solving

How is math taught at Park Day School? What are the enduring understandings graduates will take away from their education?

1st Grade - summarizing the week

First graders share what they learned in class during the week, including learning to tell time, Kokooma math games, art, 4th grade buddy reading and more.

Middle School Takeover: Tour of Campus

As part of the middle school elective, photo and video journalism, middle schoolers each week “takeover” the Park Day School social media. This week they decided to give a tour of their favorite spots on campus.

After School Enrichment: Ukelele

Taught by Middle School Music Teacher, Miguel! Students choose from beginning and advanced Ukelele classes on Tuesdays after school. 4-6 students per class.

Video production by Sage and Josh Kahn.