Technology & Tips

Technology & Tips

Scroll down for FAQs and tips pertaining to Zoom (K-8); SeeSaw (K-3); Google Classroom (4-8); DreamBox, Lexia, Literably (K-5); tech troubleshooting guides, and tips from CommonSense Media about supporting your child’s technology usage during Distance Learning. Check out these tips to troubleshoot home wifi coverage and here is a helpful video if you’re having wifi trouble.

Apps for Installation on Student Devices

If you are borrowing a Park Day School iPad or touchscreen Chromebook, the following Apps will be pre-loaded on your device. Current parents, please visit ParentSquare for information about passwords and other login data. Meraki is Park Day’s App management tool. Please reply affirmatively when Meraki prompts you to download or update an App. If you are using your own device for your child’s distance learning, be sure your child has access to the following Apps/programs:

App Support: Dreambox, Lexia, Literably

If you have misplaced a username or password, this post in ParentSquare may help.



Google Classroom

Humanities teacher, Rachel, shows students (and parents/guardians) how to navigate Google Classroom.

Tech Tips

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